Dave Beaumont

3rd Dan Black Belt

Having come from a background of playing football and taking part in many physical sports for most of my post school years, I found myself attending Hereford Leisure Centres gym 5 or 6 times a week following recovery from injuries which prevented sporting activities for approximately 3 years.

Spotting an advertising leaflet for Tae Kwon Do, I became intrigued and made contact with Mr Sheppard to arrange a taster session which I did in April 2000.

Having enjoyed the experience I continued training and successfully graded for my first belt on the 18th June 2000, I then went on to gain my black belt on 26th October 2003at the Bristol Academy. I am now a 3rd degree black belt having successfully graded in October 2012.

I have enjoyed taking part in competitions while coming up through the colour belts but more lately officiating as I gained umpire certification in Jan 2005 and have also attended referees training.

In June 2013 I attended the Instructors part 1 course and qualified as an assistant instructor, also completing a first aid course.

I enjoy Tae Kwon Do because of the physical nature of the sport and the level of fitness that can be attained also the discipline required to master the art becomes addictive and constantly learning and mastering new techniques has its rewards.

I particularly enjoy performing Tuls (patterns) and set sparring routines, I also enjoy other aspects of Tae Kwon Do, free sparring, line work, teaching and instructing.

Tae Kwon Do has raised my level of fitness beyond what I attained playing football alone, it has also given me a great deal of confidence and I will do things in front of groups , which I would otherwise not have done.

Tae Kwon Do has also given me the opportunity to meet loads of new friends, not only within the Hereford club but also at competitions, courses and gradings etc.