Why Train with Hereford Tae Kwon Do

Learn Martial Arts from the best trainer in Hereford at Hereford Tae Kwon-Do.

The club has been running for 20 years and with the Chief Instructor having over 35 years experience in Tae Kwon Do and martial arts with a very experienced team of instructors.

Self-Defence Classes: The main reason a Martial Art is developed is for self-defence, one day this could save yours or a loved one’s life.

Peace of mind: Worried that your child is spending too much time on their computers, tablets mobile phones, children can’t go out and run around all day like they used to due to safety concerns. Let them try Tae Kwon Do and give them a chance to start their life off with the skills and fitness to develop into wonderful, healthy human beings. Taking students from 4 years old and above and training from 5.15pm.

Confidence: As you begin the journey, you will see your skills developing and improving, this will not only help your physical wellbeing but will greatly improve your mental powers giving you the strength to do things that you never thought possible, talking in front of people, taking control of situations, interviews or just taking control of your life etc.

Improve your fitness: Tae Kwon Do is well known for its explosive kicking and lightning speed and reactions, there is a base of fitness required that you will build up gradually at your own pace with the help and guidance of your qualified instructor in a fun environment, helping you to lose weight and tone up along the way.

Stress relief: Bad day at the office, stressed with the kids, exams looming, why not come down to the club to learn new skills and beat the blues away with fantastic pad work drills and a chat with many like-minded people.

A way of life: Tae Kwon Do is not just to improve your physical powers, the discipline, the dedication, the thought processes behind this training are not just for the gym, it is for your everyday activities, it becomes a way of life.

Self-improvement: You set a goal; you reach that goal so you set another one, constantly looking to set goals to achieve, these small improvements that will improve your life in the long run. Within Hereford Tae Kwon Do we don’t promise to make impossible improvements in impossible timescales, we promise you small possible improvements over a possible timescale that in time will make large improvements.

Improve your health: Through your hard work and a few changes you will notice changes to your body that will not only enhance your Tae Kwon Do skills but will help you in your daily activities, whether it makes your job easier, not out of breath when walking up stairs or just having more energy to play with the kids.

Meet new Friends: We have a group of people within the club that all enjoy themselves in and out of Tae Kwon Do and organise social events such as bowling, paintballing, meals and an annual ski trip, you will all be made welcome.
Learn Tae Kwon-Do and Self Defense from our instructor to gain fighting skills.