Margaret Davies

4th Dan Black Belt

I started training in Tae Kwon Do with my daughter in October 2004 when I was 40 and she was 10. After watching her participate in the classes, I decided I would also like to
try it. After a few classes I was hooked and now, 14 years later, I’ve earned my 3 rd Dan Black Belt and I’m still participating in classes, helping to teach and working towards my next belt.

Tae Kwon Do was a great way to be active, spend time together, learn a new sport and meet new people in a friendly yet disciplined club. My daughter and I trained together
until she went off to University, with both of us obtaining our 1 st Dan Black Belt in 2008. I then earned my 2 nd Dan in 2011 and achieved my 3 rd Dan Black Belt in 2014 – just before moving to America. It was a very sad day when I said goodbye to the members of the Hereford Club. I then trained for 3 years in America before returning to the UK and happily rejoined Hereford Tae Kwon Do.

I’ve completed the Umpires courses 1 and 2 and have officiated at numerous competitions. I’ve also attended the Black Belt training sessions that are held every 6 months and plan to complete the assistant instructors course this year.

I enjoy the fitness aspects of Tae Kwon Do as well as learning new techniques and the discipline required to achieve new goals. It maintains my motivation in life for continued fitness and encourages me to stay fit and healthy as I get older. It has helped to improve my confidence in all areas of my life and it has given me the opportunity to meet new people and make great friends whilst participating in a sport that I really enjoy and find very rewarding.